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Ted Sinn Press Release



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By God’s Grace, Summit Crossing Community Church has grown numerically every year. What started out as a few faithful families in a living room has developed into a few thousand men, women and children at Summit Crossing Madison and beyond. While this movement of the Spirit has been a joy to behold, the growth has created a responsibility for Summit Crossing to give increased attention to the strategies and structures that we design and implement for the discipling of our congregation and the planting of new churches. In order to be as strategic and effective as possible in the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom from our neighborhoods to the nations, the elders of Summit Crossing Madison have hired Ted Sinn as the Pastor of Oversight.

As Ted has walked the path designed for him by God, he has gained significant international experience in larger gospel-centered churches who effectively disciple the members of their congregation through missional communities and aggressively and sacrificially plant more churches who endeavor to do the same. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Covenant College, he helped build a fast-growing software development company before pursuing his Masters of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary. Since graduating from RTS, he has served as an Associate Pastor, Church Planter, and Lead Pastor at various gospel-centered, missional- minded church planting churches. Additionally, Ted serves as the International Director for The CBR Journal, a daily bible reading tool he created a few years ago. For the last three years, Ted has been a trusted adviser to our elders and has served our church in an interim role since January of this year. Ted has moved from Orlando, FL with his wife, Tricia, and their five children, Madelynn (17), Riley (16), Braden (14), Gentry (13) and Liam (10).

The new role that Ted is filling is vital if Summit Crossing Madison is going to increase in effectiveness as we grow in size. He will oversee our ministry department leaders, our discipleship framework, and our external multiplication strategies. He will also serve on our teaching team and will continue as the International Director for The CBR Journal as Summit Crossing continues to support the viral growth of this tool. We are excited to welcome Ted and his family to Summit Crossing Madison as Jesus continues to lead and provide for this growing movement in His Kingdom.