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Bible Training Opportunity



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WHEN: Sunday PM/Monday AM
TIME: 5:00 - 6:30/10a - 11:30a
WHERE: Madison Location
COST: $5
*Limited childcare available

Study Leaders:
Women’s Study - Brandi Whaley
Men’s Study - Chris Rosma

Its not hard when scrolling your newsfeed or watching the television to become painfully aware that we live in a world that isn't really seeking to live under the reign and rule of Jesus. As the matter of fact, it seems that we are living in a world that flat out rejects Him.  While at times, especially here in the West, it might seem that this is a pressing problem that is steadily growing worse and worse. The Bible actually tells us something different….

On February 17th, Summit Crossing Community Church will launch a 9 week Mens’ & Women’s Bible Study. We will be walking through Daniel (chapters 1-7). While the book of Daniel is stacked with exciting stories such as the fiery furnace in chapter 3, the handwriting on the wall in chapter 5 and Daniel 6’s den of lions, it also functions as somewhat of a realistic survival manual for God’s people today as we navigate life in our current “Babylon”.

Women's and Men's Sunday Training
Starting February 17th, 5p-6:30p

Women's Monday Training 
Starting February 18th, 10a-11:30a